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Scar Removal Specialist

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Removing scars can improve a person’s overall appearance and boost self-confidence. At JS Healthcare, Dr. Shwetanshu Shukla offers effective scar removal services, using the innovative ICON aesthetic system. From his Winter Park, Florida office, Dr. Shukla performs non-invasive laser treatments to reduce the appearance of scars and improve the overall health of your skin. Book an appointment online or by phone to learn more about scar removal treatments.

Scar Removal Q & A

What causes scars?

When injuries or skin conditions, such as acne, result in damage to the deep layers of the skin, scars develop as a part of the body’s natural healing response.

As the body continues to produce collagen to reconnect broken tissues, a scab forms over the wound to protect from infection. When the scab dries up and falls off, a scar may remain.

Scars can range in color, appearing light pink, silver, or brown. They may have a different texture from the usual smoothness of the skin.

What treatments are available for scars?

While many scars improve over time, some won’t disappear without medical intervention. Dr. Shukla uses the non-invasive ICON aesthetic laser system to improve the overall look of skin and minimize the appearance of scars.

The laser system uses fractional laser technology to break down remaining scar tissue. The procedure also stimulates the body’s natural production of new skin tissue to smooth out the skin and reduce discoloration. While it improves the look of scar tissue, the ICON laser system doesn’t damage surrounding skin during treatment.

Dr. Shukla reviews a patient’s medical history and discusses individual cosmetic goals to determine suitability for laser treatments.

How long do results last?

Dr. Shukla may recommend 3-5 treatments to achieve desired results and restore the look and texture of your skin.

It can take several weeks to see the optimal results of laser treatments. It takes time for the body to produce collagen and new skin tissue to improve the look of scars. Once desired results are visible, they are permanent.

What are the benefits of the ICON laser system for treating scars?

The ICON laser system is a non-invasive, painless procedure that effectively minimizes the appearance of scars. It's a safe and effective treatment for treating scars on many areas of the body, including the face. Laser treatments are an effective alternative to surgical scar repair.

Other benefits of the ICON laser system include:

  • Works on all skin types
  • Fast treatment times
  • No recovery necessary
  • Long-lasting results

Schedule an appointment online or by phone to learn more about laser scar treatments.

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